Wedding Packages

 Heslat and Alex Wedding, captured on Aug 04, 2018; at Gedney Farm, in New Marlborough, MA, by Aaron Collins Photography.

The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day ~ $2799

  • Full day coverage

  • Second photographer

  • Engagement session

  • $250 credit towards prints

  • Private online gallery

  • Full resolution, hand-edited digital files with print release

 Leigh Ann and Jay Wedding, captured on May 19, 2018; at Red Jacket Inn, in Yarmouth, MA, by Aaron Collins Photography.

The Essentials

The Essentials ~ $2099

  • Eight hours

  • Engagement session

  • $150 credit towards prints

  • Private online gallery

  • Full resolution, hand-edited digital files with print release

 Leigh Ann and Jay Wedding, captured on May 19, 2018; at Red Jacket Inn, in Yarmouth, MA, by Aaron Collins Photography.

The basics

The Basics ~ $1599

  • Six hours (limited to one location)

  • Engagement session

  • Private online gallery

  • Full resolution, hand-edited digital files with print release


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Contact me now to check availability and reserve your date!

Only about half of my clients needs fit squarely into one of these packages. Your wedding is unique; one size doesn't always fit all and I'm happy to work with your specific plans. Have an elopement or city hall wedding? Ask about special pricing.

To reserve your date, a payment of $500 and a signed contract is all that's required. 

 Wedding cake with interesting lighting


How does this whole process work?

When I receive your info, I will reply and let you know if I'm available, and answer any questions you might have. From there I usually offer to schedule a meeting or phone call (or, if you prefer, sticking with email is ok too!) to go over some details and get an idea of what your wedding day will be like, and let you know what I can do for you and how everything will work if you decide to hire me. What I certainly will not do is badger you and keep sending messages or calling if I don't hear back. I know that would drive me crazy, and I know people's situations and priorities change so I understand completely. Finally, I absolutely will not share your info with ANYONE.

Once you decide to book and we have the major details confirmed (mainly the date and location), I will send you a link to our contract to review. This is an electronic, legally binding contract which you can sign right from your phone or computer. There's no printing or mailing or filling out tedious paperwork. Once you add your digital signature to the contract, my system will automatically send you an invoice for the initial payment to reserve your date, Congratulations to both of us! You've got your photographer and I've got a wonderful new client! As your wedding day approaches I will check in with you and send you a worksheet to sketch out your timeline and other details. I'll review it and maybe make some recommendations if it's called for. We'll go over the information at least two weeks before your wedding day in case there's any last minute adjustments that need to be made.

Can we book you for an engagement session to "try before we buy" and put it towards the package if we like you?

Sure! An engagement session is $340 and the most fun you'll ever have getting your pictures taken. It's also a great opportunity to really get an idea who you are hiring. If you want to book me for an engagement session, I'll hold your wedding date until one week after I deliver your photos while you decide, and if we move forward I'll put it towards your retainer. 

Do we get the rights to the pictures?

You will be give full-resolution digital files of all your pictures, with no watermarks, and the right to print those images anywhere you want. Your gallery also allows you to easily download web-size images which are optimized for posting on facebook, instagram, your own blog, etc.

Do you deliver all the pictures from the day?

During a wedding I'm going to shoot a LOT of pictures. Storage is cheap, and shutters last for hundreds of thousands of clicks before needing replacement, so I'm not going to hold back. Often this will mean a single picture might have five different versions that were discarded because they weren't quite as perfect as the one I gave you. Also, there's times when someone blinked, or it was slightly out of focus, or I just plain took a crappy picture (hey, it happens even to the pros). Part of the service you get with a professional is having them sort through 1000's of files to remove the ones that aren't worth keeping. Don't you wish you could get someone to do that for your phone?

Will you be wearing a tux and a bow tie?

On your wedding day, I'll be the guy wearing a black polo shirt, black dockers, and black comfortable shoes. I like to dress like a ninja. As much as I'd love to look amazing like everyone else at the wedding, the fact is that I'm there to work, not look fabulous. It might not seem like a physical job but taking photos all day does require a decent amount of walking (you will never see me sit, except at dinner), crouching down, kneeling, laying on the ground, getting back up, etc for hours on end and I need functional clothing and footwear to do this. Plus, I'm not going to be in your wedding photos now am I!

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

I'm a Canon shooter. Currently my main kit consists of dual 5D Mark IV bodies, and a large assortment of L series prime and zoom lenses in redundant focal lengths and Godox wireless flash units. I am well covered in the event something fails. As a member of Canon Professional Services my gear gets the five star spa treatment whenever necessary with rush service. In addition I shoot with dual memory cards in each camera so each picture already has been backed up one from the moment I press the shutter. I am such a fanatic about protecting those images that when I leave the venue the first thing I do is take one set of those cards and put them in my pocket. Even if I get in a jam on the way home and get separated from my vehicle or my gear somehow, I'm not going to lose those images. Once I'm home, they are downloaded onto my workstation and at the same time synchronized to a backup server over my network in another part of my house. The files are also backed up on a portable hard drive and stored offsite until the images have been delivered to you. 

Do you charge a fee for travel?

This depends on a few things. I'm not a fan of "nickel-and-dime"-'ing my clients so I build my packages with certain costs in mind which are common to every wedding. For most weddings within an hour or so from my home there's no added fee from the package prices above. If I do have a situation where travel costs need to be considered, the rate is per mile. Along those same lines, if I'm going to be a few hours from home an overnight stay will likely be required and so suitable accommodations will need to be made as well..

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I carry insurance for liability. Many venues will have a requirement to be added as an  "additionally insured party" for the day of the wedding by the photographer.

Our venue is very dark, is this going to be an issue? Do have your own lighting?

It won't be a problem at all, and in fact many of the pictures on my site were taken in very low light locations and you might not even know it. I use cameras and lenses with amazing low-light capabilities. I don't typically use any type of flash for the ceremony. For the reception, I will often set up anywhere from one to several wireless remote flash units. No matter the lighting situation I have you covered.

Do you edit every picture?

Every photo I deliver is hand-edited. There's still some different perceptions of what it means to edit photos out there so I'll define what it is I mean. I shoot photos in the RAW image format. That means that when the shutter is pressed, the image sensor's readings are recorded to the memory card as a bunch of zeros and ones, the buffer is cleared, and it's on to the next one. It does also generate a tiny low-res preview image that is embedded in the file and that is what you see when you look at the back of the camera, but that is not the actual photo. This is very different than what happens with a consumer camera or a phone. Your iphone or Galaxy S-whatever will take those readings, apply several algorithms to determine what color the light is, and then apply some proprietary color and tone curves to create a pleasing image, and then save the results a s a jpg file that you can then post on instagram, or print, or whatever it is you do with your pictures. My camera is doing none of that. It's just dumping raw data. The resulting file is then run through the post-processing workflow of having the white balance set, exposure adjusted if necessary, and other adjustments made on either a technical or artistic merit to get the final result, which is a .jpg file (kind of like the one from your phone we referenced before). These are done one at a time, manually. That's why I say "hand-edited". It really is a hands on, manual process and it takes considerable time to complete. 

He’s passionate about what he does and it shows
— Liz G.
He was absolutely my favorite vendor of the evening
— Jacqui J.