Hello, I'm Aaron Collins.

I'm a professional wedding photographer.

Weddings are kind of my thing! I also shoot portraits, real estate, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But who cares about any of that boring stuff, you're getting married and that's a whole lot more exciting than pictures of someone's kitchen! Unless it's your new kitchen, then I guess that might actually be pretty exciting... but I'm getting off track here.

I absolutely love everything about weddings, from the love and commitment etc etc etc ok are you still reading? I have a hard time taking all the marketing stuff super seriously because it's all been said a million times. Of course all that stuff about me loving what I do matters but you should know that I'm also a fun guy to have around all day. Look - your photographer is going to be following you around all day long and constantly in your space so it's a good idea to make sure it's someone that you can stand :-)

That's my no-makeup makeup.

I'm like a human stress reliever - I stay super cool under pressure. I might make a lot of corny jokes and occasionally some actually funny ones. I'll be keeping tabs on the timeline and letting you know how much time is going to be left for portraits after the makeup session ran long, and then reassuring you that they're not going to start the reception announcements without you in the room so go ahead and take that extra five minutes to decompress!

After your wedding is over you'll wonder how you could have done it without me there. That's me and that's what I do. I'm kind of a goofy person but with a rock solid work ethic and top-tier professionalism that you can count on. There you have it. Oh and I'm passionate about shooting weddings. 

Want to know more about me (or do you just want to skip all this and see my wedding collections)?

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts way back when I decided to migrate north to the Champlain Valley of Vermont where I discovered my love of photography. So much beauty to be seen all year round and I just couldn't help but capture it to share with my friends and family back home in MA to show them what they were missing!

As it turned out, all this time I was missing the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts so after 12 years of roaming the wilderness of the Green Mountains consuming many pints of Ben and Jerry's and Heady Topper I decided to move back home.

Without those beautiful mountains (and all that ice cream) to keep me occupied I discovered how much I love taking photos of people! How was I missing this all along? 

My perfectionist nature means I just keep learning as much as I can and obsessing over how to make beautiful images that people will cherish. Making people happy with pictures is the best feeling in the world. 

Some other things about me:

I married a wonderful woman from Minnesota. Whenever our families visit each other there's usually a fair amount of time on both sides spent making fun of each other's accents.

Oh - and about that wedding - while our guests were sitting down for the ceremony, the lovely classical music playing wasn’t recognized by everyone, but a few savvy ears had quite the look on their faces when they recognized the violin sounds as Rains of Castamere (and yes - it was the Red Wedding version). No worries about locked doors though, it was outside! And for my wife’s grand entrance, she played the Imperial March.

We have a brown dog named Vinnie who is starting to turn gray around the muzzle but he still thinks he's a puppy. That is until he stops running around and has to nap for six hours to recuperate. You probably have already seen him somewhere on this site if you got this far.

We also have three black cats, ranging in age from 8 to 18!

update!!!!! I now have an awesome little boy! As of October 2018 I am a dad! It rules. Honestly.

I really like Legos. Somehow though, the older I get the more expensive the awesome Lego sets are! What is happening?

I cook bacon in the oven. Seriously - try it. Put some parchment paper on a cookie sheet, then toss on the bacon, throw it in the oven at about 400 degrees for maybe 14 minutes. You'll never go back. Perfectly cooked every time. Plus you can get like ten strips on there at once! Rather than those hangy-outy pieces that don't quite fit in the skillet!

Want to know more? My autobiography isn’t done yet but I’ll post an Amazon link when it’s up.

Check out some snippets of reviews below! I also tell you where you can go find them so you know I didn't make 'em up :-)



“Aaron is absolutely incredible to work with! From our engagement photos to our wedding photos, he was so professional and also so friendly that it felt almost like we had asked one of our close friends to take pictures. He was so attentive to what husband and I had envisioned while also suggesting things we hadn’t even considered. He made sure to know about any special touches ahead of time, which was just a small example of his huge dedication.”