Captured on Jun 22, 2019; at 79 Lake Dr, in Westminser, MA, by Aaron Collins Photography.


For the agent seeking the best, highest quality representation of their listing. Preserve the natural ambience and flow of light while ensuring clean and accurate colors and light. Perfect for higher end and luxury homes, and houses with large open floor plans. Images are created using a combination of available light, HDR, multiple off-camera flashes, and advanced photoshop compositing. All interior images shown on this site were created using these methods. Includes up to three complimentary sky replacements for shoots on gray days. Prices are all flat rate per image for any property up to 4000 sq ft. Average time on site 1-2 hours.

25 images - $250 / 30 images - $290 / 35 images - $335 / 40 images - $375


Images captured using available light, and HDR/bracketing techniques where applicable. Best for homes with lots of available natural light, and where budget and a shorter time on site are a priority. Includes one complimentary sky replacement for shoots on gray days. Per-image flat rate for any property size. Average time on site 30-90 mins

25 images - $175 / 30 images - $200 / 35 images - $225 / 40 images - $250


High quality drone photos to enhance your listing. Showcase the entire property and provide a perspective you can’t get from conventional photography.



Payment is due in full on the day of the shoot. Payment can be made online with credit card or in person by check. No images will be delivered when there is an outstanding balance. All images delivered are the intellectual property of Aaron Collins (Photographer). Photographer licenses the use of the images to the Client while the listing is active, for up to one year. All images produced for the Client may be used by the Client and their agency for any and all marketing materials and campaigns associated with the property and for the Client’s self promotion until the license expires. No 3rd parties may use the images without written permission from Aaron Collins. Any usage beyond these terms must be agreed upon in writing.