Ferrets are to blame for all of this.

Although people make this mistake from time to time, that's not my son over there on the side (or above - are you on your phone? Yeah, you're probably looking at this on a phone); he's my nephew. And he's helping me take a portrait of his dad, who just had his second little boy the day before! And so begins his lifelong obsession, starting all the way back when he was three years old when his uncle let him take a few pics after his baby brother was born! That will be a fun story!

I wish I could say I had such a story myself - and while it's slightly tempting to make one up for the sake of this website, the reality is I never really even touched a camera growing up - other than the occasional Polaroid snap. No, I started much later. I think I'll do a blog post and spare this page from growing so long you stop reading it. But you do want to know at least a little about me, right?

Finally, in 2004, when the prices were at a level where us mortals could afford them, I bought my first digital; it was a Kodak of some sort and had pretty low resolution grainy files by today's standards but compared to those disposables it seemed pretty amazing. I was loving it. I took it everywhere, took lots of what I thought were very "artsy" pictures at the time, and was content.

Then I got three ferrets.


Suddenly I was back in disposable camera territory - blurry awful pictures! These little carpet sharks just don't stay still. I took to the internet to research why I was having so much trouble taking photos! I mean this was kind of an expensive camera, shouldn't it be taking amazing pictures? No matter what? So right down the photography rabbit hole I go. I ordered a few books off Amazon (reading was this thing we used to do before youtube instructional videos) and got to work learning. Here's something about me you will realize if you spend much time around me - when I get into something, I go all in. I learn everything I can and become obsessed. Photography was now the that years "omg I have to learn everything on earth right now". Except it's been every year since.

Realizing the severe limitations of my Kodak compact camera I ended up buying my very first digital SLR at that time, which was a then state-of-the-art Canon Digital Rebel XT with the pretty awful but 'still better than a cell phone' 18-55mm f/3.5-f/5.6 kit lens. Once I got my hands on it I was absolutely blown away. And thus began my journey.